Creative Collaboration

A couple of months ago Rhiannon from Rhiannon Neale photography contacted me to say she was planning a shoot and would it be possible for me to send some accessoires down to Glasgow for it. Of course it would be i said! I love working with other creatives to produce amazing pictures so this had me excited.

The shoot took place back in October in Glasgow with Rhiannon capturing the pictures, Linda Arbuckle MUA creating the makeup look and the gorgeous Natasha Borland modelling. There was meant to be 3 models on this shoot but unfortunately the other two girls cancelled at the last minute, which was quite annoying for us all. But these things happen and although the looks and shots Rhiannon had planned didn’t all happen what did happen was gorgeous shots with a lovely relaxed feel.

So i will stop blethering on and reveal the results of this collaboration!


Rhiannon Neale Photography-2Rhiannon Neale Photography-7Rhiannon Neale Photography-10Rhiannon Neale Photography-27Rhiannon Neale Photography-30Rhiannon Neale Photography-18Rhiannon Neale Photography-25Rhiannon Neale Photography-36Rhiannon Neale Photography-38

How beautiful is Natasha?! such a gorgeous lassie!

I was delighted with the relaxed feel of this photoshoot, stylish and simple shows off all of our work. I should have had this up as soon as Rhiannon emailed over the shots, but i have been busy creating and running Lark & Lily Designs.

Thank you to Rhiannon for getting in touch to ask for my jewellery, it was very much appreciated.

Let me know what you think in the comments below! feed back is always much appreciated,



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