Marc Jacobs Velvet Noir

At the start of November I received a complimentary VoxBox from Influenster UK, which I was delighted about. I love trying out makeup I haven’t used before, this mascara being one I have never used.  I am familiar with the Marc Jacobs fragrances, Dot, Daisy & Decadence are a few of my favourite perfumes but have never tried any of the brands makeup range.

This box was a collaboration between Influenster UK & John Lewis Retail and I thought I would do a wee review as i have been using it for a few weeks.


It is a more expensive mascara than I would  normally purchase, on the John Lewis website it is £22. But saying that I have been pleased with the wear and result on my lashes. One of my friends uses this so when i posted on Insta that I received

I loved the quality feel of the packaging, it looks sleek and feels weighty. The formula does what is says on the box, Major Volume Mascara. The consistency is a bit thicker than I am used to meaning I have had to wipe excess mascara off the wand into the top of the tube. Saying that the mascara did give my lashes volume which i need, my lashes are long but fair so i need some of the thickness that this gives me. Another thing I love is it does not flake or come off onto my eye makeup during the day or even night if i am out having a few drams…..ahem.

So if you are looking for a mascara that stays put then this is one for you to try.


quartz necklace….lark & lily designs

I applied two coats here and was happy with it. I used Makeup Revolution Fortune Favours the Brave Palette on my eyes for this khaki look, If you follow my makeup looks over on my instagram then you’ll know I love their eye shadow palettes and use them in pretty much all of my looks. Also their lippie in Chauffeur is one of my fav nude lip colours….it goes with pretty much any makeup look! Such good value for a few quid.

So what do you think? have you tried this mascara, will you be purchasing or do you have any you would like to recommend?

Lynsey x

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