Trip to the Big Smoke part2

So this next instalment of our trip to Glasgow at the end of November is a wee bit overdue. But shit happens and I am trying not to stress about these things. I lost a close family member in January, I run a business and have a house, a Mr and two french bulldogs so life gets kind of overwhelming at times.

Anywho I am sort of liking it, doing this post a bit later. It is bringing back great memories! If you want to read part 1 of the trip it’s here but maybe you’re a rebel and will read this one before part 1.

The Saturday morning we are up after a boozy night at the Royal Blood Gig at the Hydro, surprisingly not rough and ready to head out into the cold but fresh air and head for food! I had for once had sense to book lunch a few weeks beforehand so Ox and Finch was our destination for an early lunch date.

I had been recommended Ox & Finch when I put a tweet out asking for great places for lunch in Glasgow. We arrived, coats taken and seated in a relaxed but stylish restaurant. If you know me I love my food, so naturally I went online and looked at the menu before we went. It is a sharing and tapas style with lots of delicious fresh produce prepared to order. My mouth is watering thinking about it……*drooling as I type.


Naturally I had some wine and olives to start, two of my favourite things, then we were explained that dishes come out as they are freshly cooked and we could order more more at anytime. Staff were attentive but not in your face so it was nice to feel relaxed and enjoy our lunch. Garry enjoyed a beer and I savoured the wine before ordering around 4-5 dishes between us. The first dish to arrive at our table was the Venison, Juniper and Peppercorn Carpaccio with Hazelnuts and Crowdie. I am not a big meat eater but i loved this, the crowdie went so well with it. Crowdie is a Scottish cheese, not overly strong but is low in fat and delicious on oatcakes. It is one of my favourites, If you don’t know, I love cheese!

Next came the Turkey & Bacon Meatballs with Spiced Red Cabbage & Chestnut Crumble, the Sourdough Bread with butter and Mergeuz Haggis, Cumin Neeps & Potato Gnocchi. It was all delicious, we each had our plates so could take bits of each thing to try and enjoy. The last plate to arrive was the Baked Sweet Potato with Harissa Verde and Creme Fraiche. It was the a light and fresh end to the meal and we felt satisfied.


Garry didn’t want a dessert and I had eyed up a Prosecco Float cocktail listed on the online menu before we arrived so that was to be my sweet end to the lunch. When it came to our table, the lassie serving us poured the prosecco over the raspberry sorbet from a mini glass milk bottle. I love all that ‘shite’ as Garry says hahaha.

It was so tasty and not too sweet and you better believe I licked that pink sugar off the rim of the glass, can’t take me anywhere. I fancy trying something along this lines at home, although I don’t have candied lemon and pink sugar, I could whip up my own version.


It was a lovely place, good quality produce used and a semi casual style setting. I would love to go back when we are in Glasgow again, we got a taxi out as it is too far to walk from the city centre, but there are buses running out that way. It was fully booked so if you do plan to go I would recommend booking a table.


So after being fed and watered we hailed a taxi back into the centre to go a wander about, neither of us in the mood for shopping we just wanted to soak up the beautiful buildings by looking up! As it was Black Friday weekend it was a bit mental in the shops and the streets were full of Christmas shoppers. We stopped to say hello and donate to Scottish Greyhound Sanctuary, we are both dog lovers, and when ever I see dogs I have to stop. I could not have passed them looking gorgeous in their christmas coats and scarves! Yes crazy dog lady right here.

To warm ourselves up we decided to head for the Christmas markets, heating in the festive wooden huts, mulled wine in hand and watching folk pass by was lovely. We were trying to get in the Christmas spirit and mulled wine makes me feel christmassy instantly! It is a combination of the warmth, spices, smell, it just is Festiveness in a glass, or this case polystyrene/plastic cup! Watching the kids go on the big wheel, folk chilling out after shopping and spying more dogs was relaxing, I wish I was doing that right now.

IMG_2875mulled winemulled wine time

After feeling a bit more merry it was time to head back to the hotel, quick shower, change of clothes and slap some makeup on my face. We headed to the pub for a few Gin and Tonics before the Kasabian gig, the main reason we were down for the weekend. Back at The Hydro for a second night in a row, Kasabian did not disappoint! One of the best gigs of theirs I have been to. Bonus was, although it was sold out, the two seats next to us were empty so some space to get up and sing/dance!

A very tired Garry and I made it back to the Hotel after a cracking last night in Glasgow. Do you ever feel like you are walking and you are never reaching your destination? Well it was like that walking in from the Hydro to the city centre….I thought we would never get to McDonalds! We were mindful that we had a 6 hr journey home the next day and that with a hangover would not be pleasant! So it was food and bed for us.

I didn’t take as many photos as I thought on this two night trip, but then I was enjoying a very well earned week away and being present in the moment. After reading this you might have learned about a few of my favourite things….food and drinks!

Hopefully you enjoyed this post and if you could leave me a comment with feedback I would love that!

Always looking to improve my writing….I tend to write as I speak so not sure if that is a good or bad thing?



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