Pamper Time

It’s the time of year where we are all busy rushing around between work, gift shopping, attending Christmas events and it often leaves us feeling exhausted. Well for me it does.

I run my own business myself and I work from home so it often feels like I am always working. After many times becoming ill and run down with so much going on at one of my busiest times of the year I have learned to listen to my body.  I make time to relax, pamper and unwind.

So I was delighted to find out I won the Do Not Disturb Ultimate Relaxation Collection from Temple Spa. It was a Twitter competition about relaxing after a wedding and tips for that with your favourite Temple Spa product.  I suggested Quietude to aid in a good nights sleep after the rush of the big day. I have purchased a lot of Temple Spa before and it is brand of skincare I really like.

Temple Spa has cruelty free development and manufacturing practices, they do not use animal derived ingredients in their products, they use natural and plant based ingredients. A cruelty free brand, they state on their website that their products are formulated by scientists  and renowned skincare professionals. It is a company that offers opportunities for people to become a consultant, host parties and earn money. A bit like The Body Shop, Stella and Dot, Ann Summers etc. They also can be bought directly via their online shop, through a consultant (which is what I have done before) and they are also available in boutique hotels and luxury resorts all over the world.

My favourite relaxation product is definitely Quietude Spray. Smells just like a relaxing spa and instantly makes me feel chilled out when sprayed onto my pillow and around the bedroom before I go to sleep. A close second is Repose, the beautiful smelling aromatherapy resting face cream. Both of these products I have bought myself a few times and their Skin Truffle face cream is ah-mazing by the way.

The box this set comes in is lovely and on the back it gives you info for “An indulgent routine to transform time and space into your own relaxing spa”. There are 6 steps altogether giving you an order in which to use the products and some tips to create your own relaxation experience at home. I got into my cosy fluffy dressing gown and sprayed the QUIETUDE around my room and bed I focused my mind on my breathing, something which helps me relax. I the applied the BECALM face mask and massaged it into the skin on my face and left it to work away.  As we don’t have a bath at home, only a shower, I couldn’t use the DRIFTAWAY as a bath soak but it can be used as a massage oil or even an intense moisturiser, so I did a wee bit of self massage on my achy shoulder and neck.

I popped my dressing gown back on, lit a candle and lay back in bed for around 15-20minutes. I focused again on my breathing and the spa like scents filling my bedroom. I then removed the mask with warm damp cloth and took a hot shower. I then used the DUVET body cream to moisturise my skin after my  shower before popping on some fresh pjs. Finally I warmed some of the REPOSE resting cream in my palms and massaged it into my face, breathing in all these amazing relaxing smells.

Then it was time to pop Netflix on and melt away into a beautiful wee sleep.

All the products I have bought from Temple Spa have smelled just like a luxury spa and left my skin feeling beautiful so I feel really lucky to have won this lovely collection. They aren’t full size products but a great way to give you a feel of what the range is like and see what suits you.

This would make a lovely Christmas gift for someone that needs some pamper time and to take it easy.

You can get the full set here


*all opinions are my own, this was a product won in a giveaway

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