My name is Lynsey and I am the gin loving Scottish lass that is also known as Lark & Lily.

I started this blog to share my love of fashion, jewellery, makeup, food & travel. I also seem to post long captions on Insta so thought it was about time I bit the bullet and started a new blog.

I live in the very far North of Scotland in a county called Caithness. I love to blether, a Scottish word for chatting a lot, and this blog is my place to do that.

I am a creative soul with my own accessories business, designing and creating jewellery and hair accessories. If you follow me on my social media platforms already you’ll know that as I share a lot of my work over on Insta & Facebook. I love updating my own style, I love fashion & everything that comes with that.  So hoping I can share some of my personal style with you through there too.

I have won a few awards with my business, Lark & Lily Designs, which I am proud of as I run everything myself, alongside designing and creating.   Texture and colour is something that often features in my work and adds just that special something so you know at one glance that piece of jewellery or hair accessory you are admiring is a Lark & Lily.  I want to create accessories that combine quality materials, attention to detail and of course my clients will love.

Everyone shortened my business name and when I am out and about folk just call me Lark & Lily now, so makes sense to name the blog the same right?!

I have 2 French Bulldogs Hugo, the fawn one and Mabel the brindle one, who is a rescue. They also have their own Insta, I know a bit cheesy right?! ha, but it is a good place to keep their photos together and follow other frenchie pages! You could maybe call me a crazy frenchie mama.

So in a nutshell I am a 35 yr old Scottish lass trying to balance business, family, blogging & get my life in some sort of order, I look forward to blethering with you!

Lynsey x

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