World Mental Health Day

I always find these 'days' a bit odd, surely when it comes to health, physical and mental, it should be something we talk about every day? I know many people that are open about their mental health or have discussed it before, which I have on a post on my old blog a few years... Continue Reading →

GlamGlow Mask Review

It is Friday night, I am knackered after a busy week and my skin is feeling greasy and yuck. I then remembered about the wee tube of GlamGlow's Powermud dual cleanse treatment. I was sent this a few months ago but have been so busy I haven't had a chance to use it, until now.... Continue Reading →

Trip to the Big Smoke part3

So I know that this wee series of posts have been a bit spread out to say the least, but life and business has gotten in the way of blogging these last few months. Also my laptop is dead slow and stop meaning it wasn't really enjoyable for me to sit and wait for it... Continue Reading →

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